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Some weeks ago, "by chance", a person gave me a six years old magazine, which was even eaten on the sides by mice!
I was very astonished about the predictions, which all are becoming true, and which are very much linked with the work about "Alien Bases on Earth".
Who ever have enough interest in this comparison can follow the trend of the Bases, and find the Purpose in the different locations. It can be seen with clarity how they work, and can be compared with the present article.
Dear Reader, please remember that the advantages the Greys have over us are only:
• A superb organization, which is NOT corrupted because it works on fear and a kind of robot life.
• Highly advanced weapons, which we cannot imagine even in our dreams.
• Being HIDDEN from normal view making us believe in wrong things about them.


Renowned heads of State, of the most influential nations of the planet have, at one time or another of their political career admitted the existence of a not defined power over their own. Possibly, some investigators are being right about an invisible Government of the world, who would decide at the back of the voters’ wishes, and would be formed – at least in its external cover – by known bankers and economists. їWhich are the real faces of the world’s rulers?
It is hard to believe, in a democratic society such as ours, that we should be subjected to powerfully organized forces that direct our lives, manipulate our wishes and direct our thoughts.
But it seems to be true.
An extensive world organization composed of corporations and associations seemingly altruistic, cultural and ecological, are watching, registering and controlling our civic reactions.
It is hard to imagine an Invisible Government directing the world over national States, but already the great statesman Benjamin Disraeli has said it clearly: "The world is governed by personalities very different to what people that cannot see further than their eyes, believe".
Lenin asserted it too while complaining to his collaborators: "Behind the October Revolution – he then said – there are more influential personalities than the thinkers and executors of Marxism".
We are speaking about affirmations hard to believe, only that in some way, they support the idea that the historical events in which we now live were programmed more than 200 years ago by an elite of unknown personalities whose successors continue to work in the shadows.
Sir Winston Churchill has lifted some of the veil when he assured that: "the one that cannot see that on Earth a big endeavor is taking place, an important plan, on which realization we are allowed to collaborate as faithful servants, certainly has to be blind". This phrase has surely not made the "masters of the world" too happy. He has disclosed something that should have stayed in the shadows.
Something similar has happened to the penultimate American president George Bush when a reported from Washington Post asked him what would happen after the collapse of the Soviet Union. On that occasion Bush answered with competence: "What we say, goes"
Franklin Delano Roosevelt also hit with the key when declaring "in politics nothing is accidental. If something happens –he asserted- be assured that it was planned this way".
We think that history is made by improvised decisions and political reactions that try to reorganize those things that events are changing. We have a hard time accepting that the ""world today" was planned at the time of Christopher Columbus; that the French and Russian Revolutions, Nazism and the Consumer Age are the links of a chain of events provoked by thoughts of men who think they dominate the cosmic laws of polarization. And they polarize their fellow men with the help of ideologies and concepts, which puts us against each other.
It is very hard to believe that the violent actual consumerism that gets us in an aggressive competition to be able to get more "things", was planned several centuries ago, but the testimonies leave no doubts.
For example in 1776 the consumerism did not exist. Not even the concept was known in a world where misery was the normal thing, and poverty commonplace.
None the less in one of the Records of the occultist society "The League of Men", grounded that same year of 1776, it is said textually that "the bitter fight for the money goods will engender a heartless society".
It is not a prophecy, but something foreseen in a Plan which purpose is to subjugate man and the entire humanity.

The modern "capitalistic conspiracy" based on the power of the money has started now, a bit more than a century ago, when baron Rotschild- the famous international banker who financed Napoleon- made his the maxim "give me the power of the money and it will not matter any more who is commanding".
The truth of the matter is that the role his family played after his death is the key to the understanding of the dark nets of the modern world’s economic power.
January 1991 the magazine Progress for All published an interview with John Todd –member of the Masonic Council of the Thirteen – where he clarified the symbolism of the pyramid and the shining eye that is figuring on the back of the one dollar bill. Todd assured then that "the seal of the pyramid was created by the Rotschild family and brought to North America by Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton before 1776. The Rotschild family –Todd added- is the head of the Organization in which I entered in Colorado. All the Occult Brotherhoods are part of it. It is a Lucifer Organization to install his reign in the whole world. The eye on the pyramid is the eye of Lucifer. Supposedly the Rotschilds have personal dealings with the Devil. I have personally been at his villa and have experienced it. And I know it is true".
As a personal remark from the translator, "Lucifer" can well be some Greys who are helping them out in the organization of a One World Government.
Most of the things written in this article can be found in some of the PURPOSES of different Alien Bases. So, this "big and powerful men" might be simple minions of the Greys!!!!!!!!
Franklin and Hamilton are the founders of the North American State. The year of 1776 was the date in which independence was declared, the same (coincidence) in which Adam Weishaupt founded in Germany "The League of Men". їIs it also coincidence that out of fifty six signers of the American Declaration of Independence fifty were masons, and that fifty of the fifty six members of the National Constitutional Assembly also were it?
We are not talking about opinions, but of verified facts recorded in the recent North American History. Anyone can check it.
We will not elucidate about what these authors consider as "Lucifer", but the truth is that behind this manipulated concept many modern economic groups hide intentions and plans so dark as the pretended "evilness" that this mythical name represents.
The "Association of the Devil and the Illuminate" appears for the first time explicitly in a document of 1889. Signed by Albert Pike June 4 1889 it contains a Decree of Instructions directed to the twenty three Supreme Councils of the whole world, and where the following is said: "To you, Sovereign Instructors of Grade 33, we tell you: you have to repeat to the brothers of inferior grades that we worship only one God to whom we pray without superstition. It is we, Initiated in the Supreme Grade, that are to keep the real Masonic religion preserving pure the Lucifer doctrine".
The next similar thing that comes up is a document published between the years 1901 and 1906 named "The Protocols from the Wise Men of Zion", also known as "The Will of Satan". One copy of this document is kept in the British Museum in London.
About 1919 a German translation of this text appears. Des Griffin, in his book "їWho Rules the World?", picks up this translation, out of which we transcribe two revealing phrases. In the first place the polemical Protocols assert that "the ones that seduce the population with political and social ideas are subjected to our yoke (symbol of oppressive power). Their unattainable Utopias are undermining the prestige of the national governments and the pillars of the Current State of Rights".
To assert later on that "when nations get disappointed by their governments, the population will start to clamor for a singular Government that can bring peace and harmony. This will be the moment to enthrone our sovereign".
It is not hard to identify in the context of these Documents the current political situation in Europe. The disappointment of the citizens and the lack of credibility on the part of the politicians adjusts itself perfectly to what the Documents have postulated in the beginning of our century.
But, їhow is it possible that the "Wise Men of Zion" could foresee this what is happening now? If we stick to the writings of the Protocols the answer is rather simple: they have not foreseen it, they have planned it!
If you do not want to believe this, please read the following: "After the monarchies have lost their prestige, we will elect Presidents among persons that can be obedient servants. The elected ones must have some black spot in their past in order to be able to keep them silenced because of fear of being discovered by us. At the same time tied by the acquired position of power, enjoying the honors and privileges of a President, make them feel anxious to co-operate, not to loose it".

Generally it is thought that the idea of One World Government is new and that the recent Maastrich agreements integrated this concept to the European project. Nevertheless, the idea is neither new nor European. In reality it deals with an old project from the "League of Men" that has been carried out under the international money might.
Years ago J. Warburg, a banker associated with the Rotschilds and the Rockefellers has announced it in the American Senate, with the following words: "If we like it or not, we will have a One World Government. The question is if it will be achieved through consent or through conquest"
Let’s add a new piece to the puzzle. In November 1987 the magazine Code published an article where it was announced that men of the stature of Warburg, Rotschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Kissinger or the heads of State Roosevelt, Churchill or Bush, were - or still are - members of a Hebrew Lodge known as BґNai BґRit, which means "Sons of the Pact".
Code reported it affirming that "members of Congress and Parliament, officials of the White House and the Council of Foreign Relations, bankers and trade union leaders feel very honored by the possibility of mixing with the powerful people of the BґNai BґRit League. Everyone is receiving the exact information and flattery needed to feel honored for being a loyal servant to a cause he feels fully convinced about. Nevertheless the magisterial and decisive decisions are made behind closed doors and in a super luxurious suite where David Rockefeller, the baron David Rotschild, Henry Kissinger and other relevant figures of the international politic and economy assemble".
The BґNai BґRit elite are the Illuminate, the group that inherited "The League of Men", and the founder of the Roman Club and the Trilateral. Its power extends and infiltrates all over the place like a stain of oil. Its control system extends his arms like an octopus throughout corporations and societies interposed, such as "Lyons International", the Club of Rome, the Council of Foreign Relations" or CFR, or the Trilateral. Behind all of them you will find the Rotschild and the Rockefellers. Their goal is to consolidate a One-World Government for the whole humanity.
But, їwhat kind of government is being planned for? The already mentioned Des Griffin affirms that the ex president of the Trilateral conceives history in three phases. "The last one – this politician named Zbigniew Brzeznsky assures – will be the Technocratic Era, in which aґ humanitarian reasonability will prevail around the world".
The word "humanitarian" has a much more complex meaning than what one will think just looking at it. The Webster New Collegiate Dictionary defines this concept as "a principle that denies the divine characteristics of Christ. It deals with a doctrine that limits the ethical and moral obligations of the human being exclusively to the human being himself and his interrelations, without any dependency with any other "thing", other than the satisfaction of his wishes and passions".
The reader can recognize, with without much effort, that behind it is underlined the doctrine "death of Montesquieu" and concepts as "Ethics does not exist", "God died" or "religion is the opium of the people". We have heard many lectures about this from some politicians and philosophers these last 150 years.
But the character of the One World Government would not be complete without an appendix from Brzeznsky himself, published in the magazine Encounter: "The Technocratic Age – he assures us – is slowly designing an every day more controlled society. This society will be dominated by an elite of persons free from traditional values (!) who will have no doubt in fulfilling their objectives by means of purged techniques with which they will influence the behavior of people and will control and watch the society in all details". And as colophon, he adds: "…it will become possible to exert a practically permanent watch on each citizen of the world".
In our country, the surveys, the scandals about personal data cards, the identification Number for Taxes, the requirement to take along the Identification Card, the questions made about your political and religious opinions and even about your intimate preferences, shows us that the Trilateral Program (a Corporation with management appearance) is being applied and is developing exactly as planned. In Spain at least, the testing is being successful.
It is a paradox to observe how those that stand for liberty without restrictions are the "pawns" (most of them without knowing for whom they work) that are forging the links of the invisible chain which subdues us to the international money Government.

Mobilize the enormous machinery needed in order to control Mankind, requires hundreds of millions dollars and a large human social infrastructure, as well as an organization assuming whole control of communications media and information.
How is that human infrastructure?... From where are they providing money?
Carrol Quigley, in his work "Tragedy and Hope" writes: "The conspiracy net that moves the threads of the world is formed by international bankers and capitalists; that is, the high world of finance. They bring around them an army of scientists, technocrats, politicians and marionette agents, applying their high politics from the shadow."
In the other hand, Garry Allen, bringing about numerous data, shows that "economic internationals empires are interested in promoting government’s debt". And adds: "As higher is the debt, more expensive are the interests" and at the same time, they can ask the President for fiscal privileges, monopoly of services and contracts.
If he doesn’t accept, they provoke his fall and promote disturbances and strikes which impoverishes the nation, compelling him to accept their requests.


"What we says, goes", affirmed George Bush. Undoubtedly, many will think this "we" does reference to the American government. But they’re wrong. Bush refers to the CFR, founded in 1921, by banker Morgan and financed like the Club of Rome by the Rockefeller’s. In the United States, the CFR is known by the establishment as "The ministry of Rockefeller Affairs", and also as the "Invisible Government of the World". Adler writes that "CFR is not the government, but is the General Agency that says the government what to do. To think that are the electors is obviously, illusory. Adler himself listened from one of the delegates of CFR the next affirmation: "it doesn’t matter who the people voted for; they always will vote for us".
The European arm of CFR is DGAP, "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswartige Politik", in whose organization appear ministers, ex ministers, ex presidents of syndicates, republic ex presidents and the influential weekly Die Zeit. Other ramification is in Tokyo. Isn’t casual, so that the dollar, the german mark and the japanese yen point out the rhythm of world and the compass to adopt by all governments.
Although CFR and Trilateral are only two of the tentacles of the enormous Illuminati octopus.
Their power is immense. In fact, the mentioned Code magazine, during an interview realized to Aly Khan, Albania’s government president in exile, denounced that "a few persons from the Trilateral and the CFR take the
decisions. Is a powerful private club who controls all governments in the world. They are colluded. Do you like or not, you have to do that they told. Apparently they fight against communism but at the same time they finance it".
Such affirmation looks like madness, but isn’t if you think that communism is an ideology that embedded in the rich countries, promotes strikes, polarize workers, impoverishes enterprises and compels Governments to adopt socialists decisions, falling into debt.

"By mean of external debt of Countries, is possible to control their more ridiculous activities. It is an unfailing security mechanism that permits accumulate the power in a few hands."

When the interview was made still existed two blocks. If we think about the tremendous expenses that this division promoted into the governments, maybe we can understand the true reason for which the Banker’s Club avoided the destruction of communism. It wasn’t causal neither that the primitive "League of Men" required to Carlos Marx to write: "the Communist Manifest", which ideology have created thousands of conflicts and have abolished many Europeans monarchies. In politics "nothing is casual", as Roosevelt said, and is evident, at the sight of "Satan’s Testament", that events occurring now were planned that way two hundred and twenty years ago by the Club of Rome fathers, the CFR, the Trilateral, the International Money Fund and Maastrich.
Like all "human", the good and bad are also juxtaposed and interlaced in "Progress for Everyone" from Illuminati. The bad rests in that money as become converted in the untouchable protagonist of politics and societies, which keeps up alive and active its power over any other ethic and moral principle of the Countries. The bad is also that governments gravitate between social service to poor and the unavoidable formidable money collection. Equally, the bad is that to satisfy the polarized demands of socialists postulates, the governments get indebted, paying high taxes as interests -at least in appearance- to the Invisible Government of Illuminati.
The international money engaged a large battle to get it. Originally, the American Constitution kept government’s independence from Economy speculation and international money, reserving to Congress and Senate the possibility to interfere in the price of things, avoiding the concentration of speculative capitals. It was forbidden that foreigners invested their money in bank shares and hinders financial concentration in central banks of few
countries. At the beginning, the "high world of finance", headed by Rotschild, failed in his pretension to joining with the Morgan’s and Rockefeller’s. But at the end it got it.
There is a large literature about the dark maneuvers they got in 1913, that Senate voted for a Law project that amended that wise prescription of "Magna Charta". Charles Lindberg, famous aviator and American senator, prophesized to the American communications media: "with this law it will be constructed the most great consortium in Earth. When the president sign it, it will legalize the Invisible Government of masters of the World.
It isn’t casual that a few time later, it was passed the Progressive Tax, meaning that "who more money does, will pay higher taxes".
With this tax, governments are occupied with the richest and promulgate speculative laws allowing obtaining fast earnings. It isn’t difficult to see that behind this apparent benevolent system, is disguised a diabolic plan that pretends change of hands of power, passing it from governors to finance people.
In this way, the postulate of baron Rotschild "made flesh" giving just merit at it mythical phrase "give me the power of money and it won’t be matter who has the domain", or in other phrase "doesn’t import who the people vote by; they’ll always vote for us".

TheIlluminati are achieving, thanks their actual arrangements one of the main goals of their program:
"A society without heart".

On page 323 of previous mentioned Des Griffin book, there is an Act of Testament challenging all humans that wishes be free and be apart from this baywork. The Illuminati in this text ensure that "We have been chosen by the same God, to rule the world". Although arises a heroic spirit and opposes us, he couldn’t confront with warriors like us. He will be arrived later"
Supposing that the exposed be true, the Illuminati are achieving one of the principal’s goals of their program "A society without heart". In exchange of "things", we reject spiritual values of our culture, replacing primitives gods by moderns "gold lambs".

Are we Guinea’s pigs of a planned destiny? Such conclusion could get rid of from the mail (kept in the Library of the British Museum in London) between Albert Pike and Giusseppe Mazzini, two qualified members of the masonic and satanic cupola of Illuminati, crusade during the past century. In these were designed three world wars.
So, in a letter sent to Mazzini in august 15, 1871, Pike says him that that First world War must be initiated to allow the Illuminati overthrow the Russian Czar’s power and transform this country in the fortress of atheistic communism. The divergences caused by the Illuminati agents between the british and german empires –and also the fight between pan-germanism and pan-eslavism- must be used to promote that war. Once concluded, must be built the communism to be used for destroy other governments and also to weak religions.
Second World War must be promoted making use of differences between politics Fascists and Zionists. The fight must be started to destroy the Nazism
and increase the politic Zionism, provided that allowing the establishment of the unsurpassed state of Israel in Palestine. During the Second World War it must be edified an International Communist being enough strong as to compared to the whole Christian world. At this point it must be contained and maintained, until the day this will be needed for the final social cataclysm.
The designed goal of this two wars as been achieved. It is only pending to see the planned for the Third World War. According to this mailing, the new war must be promoted taking advantage of promoted differences by the Illuminati agents between politic Zionism and the top leaders of the Muslim world. The war must be oriented in such way that Islam and politic Zionism be mutually destroyed, while other nations will be forced to participate in fight, until the physical exhaustion appears; mind, spiritual and economic.
Albert Pike wrote to Giusseppe Mazzini in the same date of august 15, 1871 that at the end of Third World War, who pretended the whole world domination will provoke the greatest social cataclysm ever known in the world.

With the purpose of getting the goal of the world control, organisms like the Trilateral and the Council of Foreign Relations were born in this century. The least known is that the Trilateral responds equally to occultism power, to witchcraft and to the evil supposed. And at the same time those responds to drugs, to the rock music empire and the political.
The political sector relates with Illuminati who are high masonic degrees. Witchcraft comprehends black and white magic, and added to these there are a determined number of masonic degrees. In fact, there are scarcely a hundred organizations belonging to the masonic world.
From this secret plot is explained the planned mankind destiny written by Charles Marx in his London works by assignment of Nathan Rotschild (whose second name means "shield" or "red’s protector"). The checks received for payment can be seen in the British Museum. Marx participated in the foundation of First International in 1864. It crashed because the anarchists wanted anarchy immediately. Second and Third International –that in their transformations produced by one side the International Socialist and by the other the Komintern and the Kominform- are not other than the Illuminati’s confirmation, doing the first attempt of world government with The French Revolution and Napoleon.
Those who talk about coincidences have not understood yet the game played with us.

The idea of german hebrew Adam Weishaupt, who founded the Illuminati cupola in may 1st, 1776, was the route through anarchy. Its foundation took place next day of Walpurgis Night and the fact that this day was consecrated -"Labor’s Day"- clears enough their entailments. Besides, the fact that Illuminati Seal appears with the date of 1776 in the american dollar, astonish to those who do not know that George Washington was as masonic as his rival Jefferson.
Talking about effective power, we must mention the Rockefeler’s and –more important yet- the Rotschild. In ascending succession follow the Bilderberger, a club formed in may 1954, by the five hundred richest influential men and organizations of the world who pretend a "New World Order" restoration.
Over them there is the "Council of the 33", the thirty three higher masonic initiated in the world. And higher yet, the "Great Council of Thirteen" thirteen great Druids, and above them acting "The Tribunal" and finally the unmentionable "Grade 72" of cabalist’s that means "Illuminated". For Illuminated Lucifer is God and Jesus the imitator. Same way that for Christians Satan is Jesus imitator.

August 1ST, 1972, after sabat, this is "witches saturday", Philip von Rotschild announced in front of "Council of Thirteen" in the Casino building of San Antonio (Texas), the history planning from 1980. The indications were concrete: "When see turn off the New York’s light, you will know that our goal as been achieved". You have to know the proper phrase interpretation. Choose anybody, if you have choice to this, if is this or other their own objective.

The silent but continuing expansion of the Hebrew B’Nai B’Rit Lodge above mentioned, is evident through four last press headlines raised by this mysterious group. These are good examples about the functioning of a group of these characteristics:
• On march 22 Pope John Paul II meet B’Nai B’Rit personalities through its branch "Hebrew Antidefamatory League", doing special mention to the narrow relations of the Lodge with the "Religious Relationship Commission with Judaism" created ten years ago by Paul VI" (L’Osservatore Romano, march 30, 1984).
• Innsbruck Bishop (Austria) has been distinguished with Honor Medal by B’Nai B’Rit Lodge (Deutsche Tagespost, april 31, 1990).
• Work Group formed between Catholic Episcopal American Conference and "Hebrew Antidefamatory League", deepen constantly in their relationships" (Agencie Telegraphique Juive, november 29, 1977).
• German Foreign Relations Minister Hans Dietrich Genscher was distinguished on May 10th this year (1991) with the "Distinguished Stateman Award" by the B’Nai B’Rit Lodge (Independent Newsreel "Unanbhangige Nachrichten").
• Next year Federal Chancellor Kohl will be rewarded with Gold Medal of B’Nai B’Rit Lodge (Code magazine, N° 4, 1991).

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