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Success 2008 - New OT8 by Elena Lebedeva

Добавлено: 31 мар 2017, 17:31
Hello, My wife recently fulfilled NEW OTVIII(version of 1980). Here is her Success Story on this Level, its still rare Level within CIS (former USSR).
"I fulfilled OT8. My condition can be characterized so – absolute Causativeness. And it’s on all the Dynamics. I’m looking at anything and I see how it is constructed. I see all chaos of MEST and have the ability to uncreate (as-is) it simply by intention, understanding and knowledge. It’s something that’s coming from the source. There appear the ability to control occurrences by lining them up into arranged chain within time and space of MEST. There is possible to have infinite number of viewpoints, to change them, to move them, to widen the Space up to infinity and to have all the MEST on the hand(palm) – the Freedom as it is. Admiration is one of the highest abilities – it gives the great possibilities in control of Dynamics and Cooperation with the other Terminals. (translated from Russian) Thanks to All of You. I Love You. Elena Lebedeva".
I would like to remind that the ultimate Goal of Scientology is the Spiritual Freedom – to make Individual infinite big and to make MEST infinite small up to nothingness. As it comprised in 8-8008 formula. This is the very Freedom – infinite awareness which is not restricted by the borders of any universes or by other creations. (MEST is the piling up of the lot of universes and creations). If Freedom is achieved – then all the various cycles will be subordinated only to the postulates of free Individual and to his intentions, as to intentions of a God. Thanks to LRH and CBR, Thanks to all the Scienologists and to Civilization, which has technical level high enough for successful advancement on the Bridge (E-Meters, telephones, computers, transport and so on).
With Respect Maxim Lebedev , Moscow.