Expanded Grade III FREEDOM RELEASE scientology web auditing

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Expanded Grade III FREEDOM RELEASE scientology web auditing

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This process was for me not a lung. It caused in me bewilderment and surprises at the same time. To this step, it seemed to me that everything is accurate, clear and easy in the current processes. It seemed that everything "is smoothed already out" (:)) and only opening and manifestations of new abilities will be farther. There was it not so :)

It is short that occurred during and after end of a step:

1. I remembered and looked at the "hidden", old offenses which existence I did not even guess. I was surprised that they are and with what weight there takes place their "deleting". When process was finished - I understood that I am free for the "hidden" offenses now :)
2. I ceased to enter those working processes where my participation should not be. I ceased "to prevent" to realize to capable people the potential. I had an understanding that the intervention I do not give them the chance completely to bear responsibility for process and result.
3. There was a clear understanding that I should not interfere with relationship between people, being for them an intermediate point. I began to adjust "direct" communications where it is more optimum.
4. I became easier to treat changes. Now they look as natural process, but not something exclusive and extremely urgent.

Thanks to my oditor to Marina Lyakhova and LRH for ALL processes conducting me forward.

Kanayeva Natalya, Timecops project - web auditing.
Project manager, translation - Maxim Lebedev.
Professional auditing in any place on the planet http://timecops.net/english.html http://0-48.ru https://www.facebook.com/Galactic_Patro ... 206965424/ Auditor class X, skype: timecops

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