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High level processes aplications in Scientology

Добавлено: 12 фев 2022, 15:40
So that you can imagine the level of confront between technology and full track, I provide data on what the highest level of processes is provided for OT at the moment. In English, I take the American through the extended part of the New OT8 (the Original LRH), it contains the following basic sequence of incidents, without passing and erasure through which, the OT will not be able to operate stably and become the "Revealed Truth". This is just a small part of this level.
1. The first geographic location of the Thetan in the MEST Universe as soon as he came
from the Home Universe.
2. The geographic location where he created his first facsimile.
3. Where the Thetan received his first motivator in the MEST Universe.
4. Where the Thetan committed his first overt act in the MEST Universe.
5. Where he started the first spiral. Also the end of the spiral. Do this with all spirals up to
present time.
6. The geographic location where the Thetan first was in contact with a body in any way.
7. The jack-in-the-box.
8. The Obsession.
9. The first blanketing.
10. The halver.
11. Facsimile One.
12. Before Earth.
13. Before MEST Universe.
14. The joiner.
15. The Assumption.
16. His first borrowing.
17. His first nipping.
18. The Ice Cube.
19. The first between lives area.
20. The Emanator.
21. The first Theta Trap.
22. The body in pawn.
23. The Body Builder.
24. The Jiggler.
25. The Whirler.
26. The Bouncer.
27. The Spinner.
28. The Rocker.
29. The Boxer.
30. The Faller.
31. The Education.
32. The Fly Trap.
33. The Ded.
34. The Dedex.
35. The Mis-assist.
36. The first geographical location the Thetan took on Earth.
37. Glare Fights.
38. Implant station.
And finally, I have configured the early body track, when its basis was created from highly organized spaces and intentions - about 500 quadrillion years ago.
This does not remain unnoticed for my condition and actions. Details will be available at the annual conference on the first Sunday of December. Sincerely yours, Maxim Lebedev, OT8, auditor class X.
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